0dcf6d41c6c499cd18c3642e51b778febfea1d19846e1d95a8547e8e2d5c4ecb-wu8YPhComprehensive Advancement Strategic Plan

The CASP is a complete look at each and every aspect of an advancement office or nonprofit organization's management, leadership, advancement services, marketing & communications, fundraising, and engagement practices.


Prospect & Portfolios Evaluation

The P&P Process exists to help organizations prioritize gift prospects. This is done through wealth screening analysis, data enrichment, gift history disclosures, examination of other past engagement with your organization, and philanthropic inclination to give.

Our firm also offers the following services:

  • Advancement Marketing & Communications
  • Board Development
  • Campaign Feasibility Study
  • Campaign Readiness Assessment
  • Comprehensive Campaign Planning
  • Custom Programs for Project-Based Campaigns
  • General Nonprofit Management
  • Non-Profit Management Coaching
  • Other Tailored Programs Pertaining to Current Opportunities & Challenges
  • Strategic Planning
  • Volunteer Management

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